Like serving Behind-The-Scenes? Come Volunteer with us!

Red Shirt Volunteer

Willing to help wherever you're needed.

What's a Red Shirt?

A Red Shirt Volunteer is not assigned to a worksite, rather they help the Reach Staff with various tasks around the school such as preparing for Program, running the Reach Store, filling water coolers, making staff lunches, and other duties that are essential to making the workcamp run smooth. Red Shirt Volunteers only pay $100 to attend camp to help cover the food, insurance, and lodging expenses at the workcamp. All Red Shirt Volunteers must be 18 or older. Red Shirt Volunteers do not count as part of the adult to student ratio for your group.


Experienced carpenter, contractor, or jack-of-all trades.

What's a Troubleshooter?

Troubleshooters are not assigned to an individual worksite, rather they oversee 4-6 worksites during the workcamp. We ask Troubleshooters to bring a vehicle that can be used for delivering materials and picking up trash. Troubleshooters also go to the lumberyard each afternoon to help obtain the tools and materials needed for the following day. There is no charge for a Troubleshooter to attend camp because of these extra duties they are expected to perform. All Troubleshooters must be 18 or older and do not count as part of the adult to student ratio.

Camp Nurse

Using the medical skills God has given you.

What is the Camp Nurse?

If someone gets hurt or sick at camp, you’re there to help determine the next step. Put a band-aid on, send them to the hospital, or something in between? Doctors, RN’s, and Physician Assistants are great for this position. Camp Nurses will be charged $100 for their registration fee (if they opt not to be on a worksite) to cover food, insurance, and lodging expenses at the school. This fee is charged to all Red Shirt Volunteers, with the exception of Troubleshooters. There is only one Camp Nurse position available at each workcamp and it is first-come, first serve.


A Blue Shirt Staff Member in training.

What is an Intern?

As an intern, you will work alongside the summer staff. Your only expense is to get to camp and then Reach covers almost two weeks worth of food, insurance, and lodging expenses at the school. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements. It is ideal for you to arrive at the camp location on the Monday or Tuesday preceding camp. This enables you to take part in the set-up of camp like preparing the school and delivering materials to the homes that will be repaired. Departure would be Saturday afternoon after camp.