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Each summer, Reach Mission Trips hires college-aged summer staff to coordinate and conduct the summer workcamps. These are the ones in the trenches. They sweat and toil like no other so that the campers will have the greatest mission trip experience possible. We hold them to a high standard of service and integrity and they are the backbone of Reach Mission Trips.

On May 20th, 2020, two weeks of training begin at our offices in Galeton, Colorado. After completing a few days of team-building activities in the Rocky Mountains, we return to our offices and start teaching the functions of a Reach Mission Trip. For the next 14-15 days, staff will learn, live, play, work, sweat, laugh, and grow in their relationships with Christ and with each other. It is one of the most important elements of the entire summer.

The opportunity to work on Reach Summer Staff is an amazing and awesome way to spend a summer! Although it is lots of fun and rewarding…it is also a lot of hard work! If you are applying, please understand that the work is demanding, the hours are long, and the expectations are high!

The time commitment for all Summer Staff for the 2020 Summer is May 20th through July 31st.  Please email any questions to

Foundational Requirements for Employment:

  • a knowledge and experience of the saving grace of Jesus Christ
  • a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of your life
  • a commitment to serving others
  • a deep love for people as valuable in God’s sight
  • a motivated, disciplined and organized lifestyle
  • a commitment to working as part of a “team”
  • at least one year out of high school
  • a United States citizen

General Areas of Responsibility:

  • willing to always go the extra mile
  • offering uncompromising service to workcampers, homeowners, volunteers, etc.
  • conduction of worksite inspections, delivering materials and tools
  • preparing the host school
  • meeting daily for staff meetings, prayer and devotions
  • an active part in the evening programs (dramas, singing, activities, etc.)
  • taking part in all scheduled events
  • driving equipment and vehicles across country to workcamp locations
Application Process
June – September Contact Reach with a permanent address
August 17 Receive an application* from Reach
October 1 Return completed application,* your application video and three Reference Evaluations* to Reach
(either fax to (970) 392-0821 or email at or mail to PO Box 789, Galeton, CO 80622)
October 1st phone interview
November 2nd phone interview
End of November Summer Staff Selection
*You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download the form. Click here to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Summer Staff Wages

The gross stipend for a first year Summer Staff member is $3,000. In addition, all basic room and board expenses are covered. You are responsible for transportation to and from Colorado at the beginning and end of the summer. Any personal items and non-Reach activities will be out-of-pocket, but this can easily be kept under $50 for the entire summer.

Detailed Job Descriptions

The Summer Staff that are hired each year are formed into Summer Staff Crews, affectionately known as Big Bird and Jaws. Each Summer Staff Crew has seven positions that need to be filled. During the interview process, you will be asked for the two top positions in which you are best qualified.

View the seven detailed job descriptions.

Typical Staff Day – Setup Week
7:30am Wakie, Wakie Workcamp Staff
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Setup host school / deliver materials / inspect worksites
12:00pm Lunch at the school or on the road
1:00pm Coordinate with school personnel / prepare for campers
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Duties around the school
11:00pm Staff Devotions
12:00am Lights Out!
Typical Staff Day – Workcamp Week
6:15am Wake-up before the campers to get things ready
6:30am Breakfast with campers
7:30am Morning program
8:00am Prepare campers for the worksites
8:30am Deliver materials / take pictures / tasks around the school
12:00pm Sack lunches consisting of PB & J or lunch meat
2:00pm Practice for the Evening Program
3:00pm Campers return to school
4:30pm Lumberyard / program preparations / office duty
5:30pm Dinner with campers
7:00pm Evening Program
8:30pm Prepare areas for the next day
10:45pm Lights out for campers
11:00pm Staff Devotions
11:59pm Bed time…and you’ll need it!