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Do you have a difficult time sharing your mission trip experience with your church when you return home from camp? Maybe you’re still trying to convince your Senior Pastor that your mission trip should not count as a week of vacation for you! Or maybe your Senior Pastor feels that the kids in your youth group only cause trouble and mess up the youth room.

We have a solution for you. You should bring your Senior Pastor along and Reach will pick up the cost. That’s right, Reach will let your Senior Pastor attend any trip for free!

We want your experience to last longer than the week you’re at camp. There is no better way to get support from your church than to show your Senior Pastor the benefits of your mission trip. It’s great for your youth to see the everyday side of your Pastor, and the Pastor gets to know the future generation of the church. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to see him or her playing the Reach Game!

Even if they can’t stay the entire week, we would love to have your Senior Pastor stay for a couple of days. They can eat, sleep, and work with people from you church. We do need advance notice that they’re coming and they will need to fill out a Participant Information Form for insurance purposes. If they don’t want to physically work on a worksite, they would simply need to bring a vehicle so they could go around and visit the worksites to see the projects.

If you are already signed up your group and you want to add your Senior Pastor to your group, simply email us and we will help you.

P.S. If you want a week away from your Senior Pastor, just pretend you never read this.