Mission Statement

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Statement of Faith

Reach Mission Trips believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. We believe our only means of salvation is through the blood and grace of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Philosophy

Reach Mission Trips believes that most people come to know Jesus and/or make a deeper commitment to Him because of relationships. During each mission trip, we read Scripture, pray, and talk about a personal relationship with Jesus and His call on our lives to reach out to people in need. We provide a structure for youth leaders, within their own theology and relationships with their students, to extend and foster opportunities for their own youth to respond to this call.

Mission Statement

Reach Mission Trips is a non-profit organization offering top quality mission trip experiences for Middle School and High School students. Reach supports Christian churches and organizations and actively encourages all participants to adopt a lifestyle of serving those in need in their home communities. By reaching out to others, Reach equips Christians with the skills and opportunities necessary to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

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