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Ministering since 1992, Reach Mission Trips (aka Reach Workcamps and Reach Ministries) is a week-long mission of service to low-income communities. Working with local agencies and/or local churches, our mission trips seek to make an impact on homeowners, communities, students and adults who attend. It is a life-changing experience as campers participate in activities that build community and self-esteem, encourages spiritual growth, and enables them to understand their role in combating poverty. Reach strives to be the industry leader by providing the highest quality Christian mission trips for middle school and high school youth groups.

Group Size

We do not have a minimum or maximum group size that can attend our mission trips. In the past, we’ve had a mother and daughter attend the same camp that a youth group of 100 was at. Due to supervision and safety matters, we cannot accept any youth participants without an adult 21 years or older in their group.

When Did Reach Mission Trips Begin?

Reach Ministries International was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Colorado on November 25, 1991. Reach Ministries International received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service on July 21, 1992. “Reach Workcamps” and “Reach Mission Trips” are trade names used by Reach Ministries International to represent all workcamp activities.

Reach Mission Trips is interdenominational. It is not affiliated with any one church but serves all Christian churches. An interdenominational eight member National Board of Directors governs Reach.

Reach held its first workcamp during the summer of 1992 in Madisonville, Kentucky. Since then, over 53,000 middle school and high school students and their adult sponsors have attended a Reach Mission Trip in fifteen different states and Mexico. Click here to see the history of all our camps.

Who Can Attend?

No Children

Birth - Elementary

No Children

We truly recognize that many youth leaders have families with small children (newborn through elementary). We believe however, that bringing children to the workcamp has the potential of being a distraction to the overall purpose of our ministry for teenagers and the daily flow of the week’s events. Details such as food, lodging, safety, transportation, and insurance are all factors that have helped shape this decision. So it is our policy that children are not permitted to attend a Reach Workcamp.

Middle School Students

6th - 8th Graders

Middle School Students

Students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grades (the Fall after the mission trip) can attend all Reach Mission Trips. Middle school students will be assigned to “mini-crews” with 3 or 4 other middle school students from their church along with an adult from their church. Two of three of these “mini-crews” will make up a middle School workcrew that will work together all week. Middle school students will have easier worksite projects and they will return to the school an hour before high school workcrews.

High School Students

9th - 12th Graders

High School Students

Any students who will be entering 9th through 12th grades (the Fall after the mission trip) may attend all mission trips. High school students are assigned to high school only worksites that consist of more difficult projects such as roofing, construction, drywall, flooring, etc. They will not have any middle school students on their workcrew and therefore, they will not share any reflection time. Every participant 18 years or older will need to have a current background check on file with their church in order to attend camp.

College Students

Freshman - Super Seniors

College Students

College students, 21 years or older, may attend all Reach Workcamps. We believe that having college students at workcamp is a positive experience as they have an opportunity to grow in leadership while also mentoring younger youth at camp. If college students are not yet 21 years old, they either need to come with their youth group or an adult who is over 21. Every participant 18 years or older will need to have a current background check on file with their church in order to attend camp.


21 Years and Older


It is recommended that each group brings at least one adult, 21 years or older, for every four youth, but we require at least one adult for every five. If you are bringing both male and female youth, there must be an adult for each gender. Every participant 18 years or older will need to have a current background check on file with their church in order to attend camp. Each adult is expected to help facilitate discussions and encourage students in all parts of the project and activities during the camp.

Food and Accomodations

At Reach Mission Trips, we pride ourselves in handling all the details before, during, and after camp so you can focus on your youth.  We take care of project write-ups, material delivery and trash pickup, programming, leading worship, and numerous other things we hope you never notice or think about. We make it all run smooth so you can minister to your students and enjoy your mission trip.

Worksite Projects

The projects will include basic weatherization, painting, repair and construction of porches, steps, wheelchair ramps and outhouses, as well as many other unique projects that may be assigned. The projects selected are appropriate for the age group attending and each camper is assigned to a project with their skill level in mind. All repairs are made at no cost to the homeowners. Construction skills are not a requirement to attend a Reach Mission Trip. A servant’s heart and a “go-get-em” attitude are the most useful tools to bring to the workcamp. Experienced maintenance and home repair volunteers make daily on-site visits to ensure quality workmanship and to assist workcampers with the skills necessary to complete their projects. View a sample Worksite Description that is given to each crew in order to complete their work projects. Worksites are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Obvious Need – either the home is in obvious need of repairs or the resident physically can not complete needed repairs.
  • Workcamper Safety – both the structural conditions and environmental conditions are safe for the workcampers.
  • Location – All worksites are usually within 20 minutes driving distance from the host school.
  • Residents – All worksites need to be occupied residential homes.
  • Religion or church affiliation are NOT requirements to for a worksite.
  • Local community agencies may wish to include additional criteria such as income, specific area of the county, age groupings, etc.


The registration fee starts at $399 if you register on or before November 1st (this is referred to as our Early Bird Registration).  The registration fee is based on both dates and location of each mission trip. If you register after November 1st, the registration fee increases by $20 per person. Each registration fee includes:

  • $50 per person registration fee
  • New as of 2016: Every picture (appox. 3000 per camp) taken by the Reach Staff (images are full-size and non-watermarked)
  • Accommodations
  • Sixteen meals from Sunday evening dinner to Saturday morning breakfast (except for Wed. evening)
  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Materials to be used for the homeowner’s home
  • Best-in-the-industry live programming, devotions, and activities
  • Personal Program Guide (journal) for use during all programming
  • Workcamp T-shirt
  • Custodians and kitchen staff at each workcamp location
  • Break Pop and Ice every day at your worksite
  • At least one full-time Reach Workcamps Staff Member at every workcamp

Our Neighbors (The Homeowners)

Reach Mission Trips organizes and coordinates the completion of basic home repair projects for elderly, disabled, and low-income families. We refer to each homeowner as our “neighbor” based on Mark 12:31, during which Jesus talks abour loving our neighbors as ourselves. Each neighbor is visited during the year before the camp by one of our staff to look over the home and meet the person whom we will be serving. The construction aim of the workcamp is to provide neighbors with a warmer, drier, and safer home. The workcamp also helps to restore lost pride and hope in the neighbors. In many cases, the repair work helps to reduce utility costs. It is a priority of each Reach Mission Trip to establish positive relationships between the neighbors and workcampers. Our workcampers are encouraged to spend time talking with and listening to the neighbors they are serving. The relationships that are established enable the workcamp to achieve one of its goals: meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the neighbors.

Typical Day

Included during the day are On-Site Devotions that help each workcrew come together and focus on Christ in their lives. Wednesday is a unique day in that it is a half day of work. The afternoon is free for your group to go site-seeing, swimming at the local pool or lake, play mini-golf, cow-tongue football or whatever it is you want to do. Dinner is your group’s responsibility for Wednesday evening and upon your return, there is an optional volleyball tournament for anyone, or any group, to showcase their stuff. Youth groups are expected to return in time for lights out.

6:30 am Wake-up with some lovely Reach music
6:30 am A fully loaded breakfast
7:30 am Morning Program
8:00 am Head out for the worksites
12:00 pm Lunch and on-site devotions
2:30 pm Middle school workcrews return to the school
3:30 pm High school workcrews return to the school
5:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Evening Program
8:15 pm Youth Group Reflections
8:45 pm Free Time
10:45 pm Lights out

What Our Youth Leaders Say

Great experience for kids and adults alike. Work is challenging, but the outcomes, both projects and spiritual growth, are outstanding! I slept on a hard floor, got sweaty and dirty and ate cafeteria food…and I loved it!!!
Youth Leader, Michigan
Once again, our youth group experienced a wonderful time at Reach Workcamps! You folks really have it right! The programs and camps are truly a Godly impact on our youth. This was personally my third Reach trip, and each year, I see youth coming to Christ and re-committing their lives to Him. I really appreciate how you help the kids to establish a relationship with Christ, and then place and plant their feet in their home church. We are already making plans for next year!
Youth Leader, Ohio
This was my first experience with Reach Workcamps and I was very impressed. It is hard to pinpoint all the good things of this workcamp, but I really appreciated the Drama as a means to communicate truth. I also wanted to let you know that our week at Reach started a mini-revival within our youth group. My kids caught more about God in that week, than in the past 3 years of doing workcamps. I have been amazed by their growth and fire since our return. I can only attribute the experience to your commitment to prayer. This workcamp had the feeling that we were being prayed for and it made the difference. Thank you for keeping prayer a priority within your ministry. It paid off by providing a workcamp that was filled with the Spirit of God and God used that to move in my kids lives.
Youth Leader, Pennsylvania
Reach is the best mission trip I have attended. The programming is exceptional. Exactly the message my kids needed and presented in ways they enjoy; videos, skits, music, and a nice sound system. The reflection booklets were nicely done! Every staff person I encountered was professional and kind. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
Lori F., Youth Leader, Minnesota


In order to reserve your place this summer at a Reach Mission Trip, a $50 per person non-refundable deposit is required. Be sure to reserve enough spaces for your group. If you would like to learn more concerning our registration policy, or you would like to register for a Reach Mission Trip, click here.